Vision & Mission   

Arena Tigray for Democracy and Sovereignty is an Ethiopian Oppostion Party registered to legally operate in Ethiopia and striving for genuine democracy, peace and prospersity. The Party is commonly known as Arena Tigray for short naming and it is part of the big Ethiopian Opposition Coalition
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Based on globally accepted principles and values of democracy, Arena Tigray strives and envisions to build a united, prosperious and democratic Ethiopia with unisom of other Ethiopian democratic opposition parties.

General principles and Objectives   

1. We shall firmly stand for the unity and sovereignty of Ethiopia based on equality among nations. We will work hard to avoid the past and present injustice and discrminatory practices and strive firmly to develop unity that is based on mutual respect.
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Our party’s general mission is the realization of our vision. Next priority rests on carrying out and leading an intensive and peaceful struggle which is determined and targeted at victory

The goal of this website:   

This website is basically developed to disseminate Arena Tigray Vision, Objectives and current actions which can contribute for the nationwide victory of building democratic and prosperious Ethiopia. Likewise, other ideas and criticisms will be entertained to promote common understanding,
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Specific Objectives   

 • To promote a genuine political norm and civilized discussion .   
 • To support improved communications, tolerance and constructive dialogue .
 • To advocate for and promote for policy coherence and partnership .
 • To raise awareness about our national and sovereign rights .
 • To develop and produce educational and informative materials . 

Mission and Purpose   

The Mission of This Website:
To create and promote political, economical, social and cultural developments with special emphasis on tolerance, peacefull dialogue, and compromise.

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Website ideas - initiated and funded by Arena support Group in Europe

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